Thursday, February 19, 2015

Podcasting Tips and Tricks: 11 Insights from the Host of Serial and Other Titans of Podcasting

"Moderator David Carr, who very sadly recently passed away after this last gift, picked at the brains of the podcasting elite, and because nobody apart from uber-podcast nerds like me would be able to sit still and listen to the whole 90 minutes, here’s some of the main insights."

Slate’s Jacob Weisberg on Podcasting: “It’s the Most Intense User Experience of Any Medium”

"In this wide ranging conversation, the longtime editor talks about how the mobile device has reignited long form journalism and speaks about the evolution of business models for digital publishers."

Six Reasons Every Entrepreneur Needs to Podcast

"Technology has become truly ubiquitous -- which is great news if you're an entrepreneur trying to raise your awareness and get your message out to the world."

For your listening pleasure: Podcasts go mainstream in India

"In India, podcasts have always been a bit of a niche interest - but the success of Serial in India shows they have the potential to go mainstream."

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

5 Reasons Why Podcasting Is Back in the Media Spotlight

"The number of blog posts and online articles proclaiming an explosion in the popularity or quality or financial success of podcasts since the fall of 2014 has been really astonishing."

Americans Listen To 21 Million Hours Of Podcasts Every Day, Cutting Into Radio, Research Finds

"Podcasts are becoming a bigger part of Americans' media diets - they may be starting to cut into the consumption of media staples like AM/FM radio."

The Pros And Cons Of Podcasting

"...That close relationship has many businesses wondering whether to add podcasting to their content marketing mix. Is it the right choice for your company? Let’s look at the pros and cons of podcasting."

How to Produce a Podcast

"We’ve been producing podcasts for quite a while, so I wanted to provide this checklist of some of the steps we take that might help make your podcast better and easier to get on the air."