Sunday, May 17, 2015

What Bill Simmons Taught Me About Blogging, Podcasting, And Modern Journalism

"Here’s what I like about Bill Simmons: He writes columns, he hosts a podcast, he talked ESPN into launching a sports-meets-pop-culture vanity project for him called Grantland, he helped conceive ESPN’s terrific “30 for 30″ documentary series. In short, he tackles a lot of interesting projects — and he hustles."

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

5 Tips for Making Your Podcast Heard

"Here are five ways to help you cut through all the noise."

Knight Foundation invests $1 million in creator-driven podcast collective Radiotopia

"Specifically, the Knight grant will be used to support the operations of existing shows by improving production quality and funding new stories and ongoing projects."

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Podcasting: Fact Sheet

"The increased reach and upward trend line of podcast consumption is evident in every available measure – the percentage of Americans who are listening to podcasts, the level of public awareness, and how many podcasts are being hosted and downloaded."

Podcasting a different way to reach out to industry

"It was the podcast medium that ended up being the very source that Abeid would use to promote his business, albeit in a roundabout way. And it's this forum he recommends to those in the construction industry looking get noticed."

Essentials of podcasting

"All you need to produce a podcast is a laptop, a mic and a great idea. But to really do your concept justice, it helps to have skills in presenting, editing, recording and writing content."

5 Ways Podcasting Can Help Your Business Grow

"While those number may be astonishing, it's nothing compared to the way the podcast has actually helped BiggerPockets grow, both financially and in membership."

The Top 15 Personal Finance Podcasts to Follow

"But how do you know which shows are worth your listening time? As part of our Money on the Air competition, GOBankingRates evaluated more than 50 finance shows and narrowed them down to the 15 best for 2015. Here's a look at the best podcasts and radio shows on air today."

Teachers Use Podcasts to Teach Storytelling and Critical Thinking

"Podcasting has had a large cultural effect over how we view content creation and delivery and has revolutionized the broadcast industry."